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Just a quick note to say thank you from both Sara and I #teamcullross

We completed the sleep out on Saturday night and with your sponsorship managed to raise a whopping £1000!

We are thrilled to raise so much money for such a brilliant cause.

Despite the smiles on our faces, the night itself was challenging – very cold and extremely difficult to sleep due everything going on around you, essentially trying to sleep with one eye open. It was a “managed” insight into the reality of sleeping rough, but in no way comparable to what it must really be like. We were at an organised event, had on very warm clothes and we knew that it was only one night. It really did make us think about what it is like not to have a choice in the matter and to have no clue when it will come to an end.

Social Bite are doing amazing work in Scotland to end homelessness, working close with many people in our industry to provide housing options that didn’t exist before.

Thank you again for sponsoring us – we really do appreciate it.


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