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It’s been almost 2 weeks since Cullross moved from working from our lovely office in Edinburgh city centre to working from 7 “Satellite” offices (in our garages/spare rooms/kitchen tables). Although it’s been tricky at times, we’ve all found a way to get by and keep productive.

We thought it would be good to share some of our top tips for working at home and maintaining a positive, productive “office” away from the office.

Sara’s Top Tip – Set a Routine

Get up at the same time you would normally. Do the things you would normally do before going to work and get to your “desk” at the usual time. The work might be different but try to do your usual morning and afternoon routine at work, taking a lunch hour and finishing your day at the usual time.

I find this is helping with the discipline of working from my kitchen table. I have 3 kids too so sometimes it can get noisy and the kids can distract me, but that’s ok. I just jump back into my routine again.

At the end of a working day I would normally write a ‘to do’ list for the following day. I keep my desk clean and tidy at work and try to do the same with my “workspace” at home. It helps me to switch to home mode and relax.

Ryan’s Top Tip – Stay in Contact with your colleagues

Finding a way to stay in contact with your team is essential. Cullross have been working hard on making sure the communication within the team is regular and useful.

We are using Microsoft Teams to communicate, which has been a revelation. Its been a saviour to Cullross and enabled us to keep in touch and ensure everyone is ok. At the start of every week we catch up via a Teams conference call and update each other on workloads and issues, requirements for support etc. We’ve also introduced a more social Teams call at the end of the week, just to debrief and have less formal chat. It is vital to stay in touch and see everyone’s face now and again.

Natalie’s Top Tip – Enjoy the benefits of remote working

There are the things that make your work-life balance more manageable. You might notice you can fit in exercise on a break or right after you’re finished for the day. You can cook lunch at home, and no big commute to work.

The benefits of online working can mean great things for your health, work productivity and the environment. Watch out for regular trips to the fridge though, I’m finding that its really easy to snack – just because I can!

Emma’s Top Tip – Try keep some of your usual workplace rituals

Our office is vibrant and light. We have good lighting and use background music to help keep our office environment lively and conducive to productivity. Try to keep your home office reflective of your working environment. Get the radio on and maximize light in your workspace.

We love to have treat in the office on a Friday and that’s something we are going to keep going. This week its hot cross buns – yum!

Mark’s Top Tip – Give yourself a break

Working from home can make it hard to escape “work” and fully switch off. Its important to find a way to leave that environment and take time for yourself and be present for your family.

It’s a really stressful time for all of us so remember to do the things outside of work that you enjoy. Get outside, run, walk the dog, listen to music, binge on TV – just whatever it takes.

Lance’s Top Tip – I still dress for the office, even though I’m not there!

It makes me feel professional and gets me ready for a busy day of laying on my mat and getting lots of attention from my colleagues.

We hope that you are all getting on ok working at home, and that our top tips will give you some ideas on how to make working at home a bit more enjoyable and productive. We wish you well and look forward to meeting with you again once we are able to.

Wishing you all good health.


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