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Great progress is underway at Ballindean Road, Dundee, as our residential development advances smoothly. Having begun in September 2022, the project is progressing as planned and is expected to be finished later this year.


A considerable number of houses now stand prominently, indicating completion in both exterior and interior aspects. At the same time, progress on the block of flats is visible, with the timber kit and windows installed, and the initial stages of erecting the external wall underway.

Cullross will provide Caledonia Housing Association with sixty-seven new properties, consisting of forty-three houses and twenty-four flats. These properties include two-bedroom terraced houses, three and four-bedroom semi-detached houses, one accessible detached bungalow, as well as one and two-bedroom flats and one accessible flat.


This project employs a net zero carbon approach, providing sustainable housing for the residents of Dundee. We look forward to delivering these high-quality properties for Caledonia Housing Association and the community.  

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