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Quality Homes


For most of us there is quite literally ‘no place like home’, a place from where we can base our lives, nurture our relationships and engage with the wider community.

But the global financial crisis has challenged how housing is provided in most countries both in terms of the supply of housing and also in terms of what individuals and families can access and afford. Public sector investment in housing supply is typically being reduced whilst at the same time individuals are either unable to afford to buy or are generally more cautious about their own exposure to the housing market.


At Cullross, we help our clients address these challenges by delivering quality, affordable housing. In turn, our clients, provide quality, affordable homes to their tenants.

Quality Partnerships

Our in-house team is deliberately kept small and flexible. Our scalable model is based on having a top quality team of partners on-hand who work closely with us, and our clients.

We have chosen to work with the absolute best in the business, to ensure that we design and build the best quality homes and spaces possible.


As a combined team we have the background and proven experience to deliver affordable housing projects all over Scotland.


Stakeholder Inclusion


We actively promote stakeholder inclusion during all phases of our projects through community and other stakeholder consultation.

This means that as we strive to deliver houses, which will meet the aspirations of those seeking a home, we work with those already living in the area to take onboard the widest possible range of views.


Furthermore, we consult with a range of local and national bodies and associations to ensure that our projects meet community and governmental objectives in terms of families, communities, businesses and the environment.

Environmental Awareness

We are happy to have already delivered new affordable homes that meet the Scottish Government’s “Greener” standard.


We are committed to delivering warm, energy efficient homes that people can afford to live in and that will help reduce fuel poverty.


We think the best way to achieve this is through quality building fabric, design and specification.


We are constantly investigating new technologies and are ambitious to innovate in our field.

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