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Hi. My name is Ryan and I spent 5 days on work experience with Cullross. In this week of work experience I did a variety of different things.

On my first day of work experience I went to a team meeting and took minutes. I also worked on updating the Cullross website. To do this I used WordPress – a new skill for me!

On my second day of work experience I attended two design team meetings for two different affordable housing developments. This helped me realise how many important roles there are in creating a housing development, even before there is a builder involved.

Later in the week I attended a site meeting at Bay Street in Port Glasgow. I was given a tour of the site by the site manager. I also briefly visited the development site in Dumbarton.

Over the course of the week I started work on a spreadsheet that contained details on all projects that are currently in development. This will be useful for everyone in the team to have quick access to the details of each project.

I’ve really enjoyed my week, every day has been different and I’ve learned a lot about development of new homes.


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