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As the frenzy associated with the end of the Financial Year comes to a crescendo, I am taking some time out to pause and reflect. I set out working with Cullross almost 2 years ago and it seems like only yesterday.

I am are extremely proud of what we have achieved in that time. We came together with the aim of using our skills to help tackle the shortage of affordable homes across Scotland.

Cullross is a business so it faces all of the pressures that other businesses do, but I think it’s fair to say that we are doing what we set out to.


March 2016 will go down as a turning point month in the evolution of Cullross. We have:

  • Bought a very large site in Dumbarton that will provide at least 100 new affordable homes

  • Handed over the final phase of a 62 house project at Jeanfield in Perth

  • Begun the preparation works for 41 new homes in Port Glasgow

  • Have submitted a planning application for 59 new homes in Edinburgh

There are lots of other things going on, but these are my personal highlights.

I want to draw attention to the project at Jeanfield, Perth and pay tribute to my colleagues Steven and Ryan. Cullross appointed Muirfield Contracts as main contractor. However, with their sad and untimely demise, Steven and Ryan found themselves without a main contractor and with sub-contractors who were out of work. It is testament to Steven and Ryan that they managed to deliver this development more or less on time and within budget, through Cullross essentially becoming a main contractor. They employed many of the sub-contractors who were impacted by Muirfield’s demise. Being a main contractor is not what we set out to do, but is shows how nimble Cullross can be.


Moving forward, I think we will face the same challenges as others in our field; increasing land prices, construction price inflation etc. but there is no doubt that there are opportunities too. There is a commitment from all political parties to increase public spending on affordable housing and we have identified lots of willing partners who want to encourage the investment for affordable homes into their area. Our aim is to find ways to respond to both the challenges and opportunities and build on the success of the last 2 years.

Emma Garry

Development Director

March 2016


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