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Cullross are happy to announce that we have just submitted our planning application to West Dunbartonshire Council for the proposed redevelopment of the Dumbarton Harbour site. The proposals have been influenced heavily by Dumbarton Town Centre and Water Front Strategy and the Dumbarton Waterfront Design Framework documents. We are confident that we have responded as fully as possible to these documents, whilst working within the constraints of the site and other statutory planning guidance.

Our plans include 196 new homes, office accommodation and a riverside walkway. Some of the homes will be for affordable rent and our clients, Dunbritton Housing Association, will own and manage the affordable homes. There will also be home ownership opportunities, but the details of this are not 100% clear at this stage.

Cullross will work with West Dunbartonshire Council to ensure that the walkway will work well with the wider walkway project which is proposed to connect the town centre with the Dumbarton Rock and Castle area. The office will be a new head office for Dunbritton Housing Association.

The project architect, JM Architects, had a challenge on their hands to design around the site constraints. The site is not straight forward, due it its historical uses as a distillery and shipyard before that, so we had to get to know the site extremely well. Our engineers, Will Rudd Davidson, have advised on all aspects of the design, ensuring that our proposals are capable of being built within budget constraints. There were lots of challenges both in terms of the site conditions and in simply meeting planning guidance. We tried to balance this with making best use of the land and ensuring that we could bring as much benefit as possible to the town centre by trying to create a place where people will want to live and visit. What we are proposing strikes the right balance and is ultimately deliverable.

Emma Garry, Development Director at Cullross said:

“We are extremely proud of this planning application. It has been a massive team effort. We have worked hard to marry the wishes and wants of our clients and the community with the statutory guidance and the prevailing site conditions. I really think that what we are proposing works well on all levels and it can be delivered, its just what the town centre needs.

We are grateful to all those who attended our consultation events or have gotten involved in the planning process in some other way.

Now that the application has been submitted, we will work closely with the planning officers to ensure that we can get to the point of determination as quickly as possible.”

It is hoped that work will begin on demolishing the tower in the next couple of months. Works on the new homes will begin in spring 2017 and with the first new homes will be ready to live in by summer 2018.

Full details of the application can be viewed here.


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